Welcome to Hope in the Saddle!

If you’ve spent any time around horses, you know how special they are. The horse-human relationship is truly unlike any other. Horses are our friends, our workout partners, our therapists, our legs, our confidantes, our brothers-in-arms, our partners-in-crime, our teachers, and our healers. Their manes have dried our tears, their bodies have given us stability and strength, and their spirits have inspired our dreams.

Horses have an amazing ability to rehabilitate the human body and soul. They allow us to walk again by letting us ride on their backs. They teach us to be tolerant of others and ourselves as they accept us into their herd. They help us overcome our fears by offering love without limits. They sense our emotions and provide comfort in times of need. Most of all, they bring us Hope in the Saddle.

At Hope in the Saddle, our mission is to share some of the most meaningful and important stories to emerge from the equestrian world—stories of how our relationships with horses can help us overcome life’s toughest challenges. Sometimes, that story takes place at an equine-assisted therapy center, where children take their first steps and speak their first words thanks to the awesome assistance of horses. It might take place in a show ring, where a competitor can focus on a goal other than beating cancer. Or it might take place at home, where a beloved family horse knickers away the stress of the day.

These stories come from all corners of the horse community—from barrel racers to bronc riders and competitive equestrians to backyard owners. Through engaging articles, videos, and social media communities, Hope in the Saddle is proud to bring these stories to you. If you’d like to share your story, email program manager Lauren Feldman at lfeldman@aimmedia.com.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of our partners, Tractor Supply Co. and Nutrena Horse Feed. From battles with cancer and PTSD to the first steps on the path toward rehabilitation, horses are there for us. Tractor Supply Co. and Nutrena are dedicated to helping us, in turn, be there for them. Thank you for supporting Hope in the Saddle and for helping horses feel their best so they can help us feel our best.