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Hope In The Saddle

2018 Hope in the Saddle Therapy Horse of the Year Winner Willie poses with veteran rider at the McCormick Research Institute

2018 Therapy Horse of the Year Winner: Willie

"Willie is an all-around kind of horse: therapy horse during the week, carriage pulling, rodeo trick-riding horse on weekends..."

Love Your Pet Day

14 Horse Love Photos for National Love Your Pet Day

Horses are more than pets and we love them all day every day, but we're not going to pass up an excuse to share happy horse photos!


Dun It

My story started 8yrs ago. I was stopped at a red light when a car T-boned my dually truck. EMT's said I was lucky to be alive.

Auction Winners Collect on Winning Bid for Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton Clinic. promo image

Auction Winners Collect on Winning Bid for Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton Clinic.

The three equestrians were doing it for a good cause: The Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center located in Loxahatchee, Florida.


How My Horse De-Stresses Me

You tell us how being with your horse soothes your nerves and buoys your spirits.


The shadow of a smile

A stash of old photographs helped me remember just how much my first pony meant to me and my beloved sister, Karen, who was taken far too soon.

WeatherBeeta Breast Cancer Ribbon Blankets promo image

WeatherBeeta Breast Cancer Ribbon Blankets

In partnership with the American Breast Cancer Foundation, WeatherBeeta launched this special limited-edition breast cancer ribbon blanket for 2015.

Bruce Duchossios (center) at the 2008 Olympic Games | Photo Copyright USEF Archive

R. Bruce Duchossios 1950-2014

The United States Equestrian Federation mourns the loss of horseman R. Bruce Duchossios.


Why we love them...

There's a saying that goes "If you're lucky enough to have horses, you're lucky enough." I completely agree. Every day I ride or even just hang out with my horses, I consider myself blessed.

Riding my colt Freddie, even if meant only walking around, became an important part of my recovery from breast cancer. | Photos courtesy of Amy Herdy

Further Proof That Horses Are the Best Medicine

If I learned anything from the past few months it's that life is a process and sometimes there's just no way to fast track your way somewhere. You have to settle in and breathe and do the best in each moment you have--and as we all know horses are the bes


Western Designers: Breast Cancer Awareness Products

October is breast cancer awareness month, click through our slideshow to see all the products and lines that raise money for the cause.

Kim Tester. | Photo courtesy of

Her Horse Got Ringbone, Then She Had Cancer: How One Eventing Rider Came Back

We've all been there: Everything is smooth sailing with our horse and ourselves until suddenly something is very wrong. It's devastating enough when your horse becomes lame or you become sick or injured but how do you cope when they happen at the same tim

The Heart of a Champion: Hall of Famer Becomes Therapeutic Mount

He's a perfect therapeutic riding horse with a most unusual history--Hall of Fame endurance horse, cancer survivor, and the inspiration for a Breyer horse model.