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2020 Therapy Horse of the Year Finalist: Glory

A black and white Gypsy Cob horse is being ridden by a young girl wearing a pink jacket. There are two female side-walkers, one on each side of the horse. The two women and the child are waving to the camera.

Glory, a therapy horse at Horse SenseAbility, was a finalist in the 2020 Therapy Horse of the Year contest. 

Horse SenseAbility, a therapeutic riding and horsemanship center in Sherborn MA, simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our amazing equine Glory. I only developed our unique programs because I knew I had a superstar who would be a perfect partner.

Glory is a 22-year-old Gypsy Cob with a soft eye, bodacious body, and heart of gold. Whether a participant is 2 or 102, mounts from a ramp or needs to use a mechanical lift, is nonverbal or has loud outbursts, is visually impaired or not, can’t hold up their body or flails around, Glory is the consummate therapy horse.

Participants from low-income, underserved communities who have never seen a live horse before quickly develop confidence working with Glory in the saddle and on the ground. Children in foster care, who have good reason not to trust people, start learning how to rebuild relationships as Glory follows them around on and off lead. Even inexperienced participants can ride Glory bareback with only rainbow reins and a halter in the ring or out on the trails.

Not only was Glory the inspiration for starting our program and the best therapy horse we have but she’s also given us her successor: her 7-year-old Gypsy Cob son named Pippin. At 900 pounds, Glory is literally and figuratively worth her weight in gold. We will be forever grateful for her desire to please, calm temperament, willingness to learn and ability to keep our riders safe in any and all circumstances. —Polly K.

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Thank you to everyone who entered! And thank you to Nutrena Feed and Tractor Supply Co.for supporting Hope in the Saddle and putting together an awesome prize package for our winners!

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