2020 Therapy Horse of the Year Finalist: Rolex

Rolex was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Hope in the Saddle Therapy Horse of the Year contest!

“The life of a therapeutic riding instructor is incredible. It’s incredibly fun, incredibly challenging, incredibly inspiring. Being in the field for more than 20 years, I have had the honor to work with myriad therapy horses and been privy to many big moments in my clients’ lives, all thanks to the work of my four-legged team members.

Rolex has the personality of an unmotivated dictator and the attention span of a highly caffeinated squirrel, demanding constant stimulation. His veteran clients [at Horses for Healing, Inc.] must always be present and ready to work, otherwise Rolex resorts to self-entertainment: inhaling a hoof pick or pushing his loathsome winter blanket through the fence in hopes it won’t be found.

While Rolex challenges his clients, he also brings laughter, and this is what sets him apart. He is not a stoic rock, he doesn’t patiently wait, and he doesn’t accept excuses. He demands your full presence, to acknowledge your inner emotions, and then…he makes you laugh.

In all of our therapy goals, we often forget the importance of laughter—loud, uninhibited, stemming from the big toe laughter. Rolex creates this and gives this as his gift. Whether it is with the awkward way he stands, or the way he sticks his tongue out, Rolex shows us the freedom in embracing our true selves, the dorkiness included. Once we accept the past that has created who we are today, we are able to accept what makes us unique, share it with the world, and truly be free.” —Claire J.

Thank you to everyone who entered! And thank you to Nutrena Feed and Tractor Supply Co.for supporting Hope in the Saddle and putting together an awesome prize package for our winners!

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