My story started eight years ago. I was stopped at a red light when a car T-boned my dually truck. EMTs said I was lucky to be alive. Yeah, not so lucky in my thoughts. Seven vertebrae were broke in my back, torn rotator cuff, and a destroyed truck. After major back surgery to put me back together, I was on total bed rest for three months. It took another three months to learn to walk again. At that time of my life I was showing a beautiful Morgan gelding. Doctors said I could never ride a horse again. So sadly, I sold my horse.

I went into deep depression. My husband bought me a miniature horse that could come in to the house. With help from my mom and husband, I started walking to the barn to see my new horse. The doctors couldn’t believe how fast I was walking. I would sit for 30 mins, my limit for the day, doing nothing but hugging, petting, brushing and just loving this little mini horse. Dun It is a wonderful mini horse. He would stand by me as I groomed him, never moving a muscle unless asked. Within 6mo I was walking to the barn (300ft from house) alone. Then an ice storm hit and I was housebound, again. My loving husband saw me sinking into depression again and brought Dun It to the house for visits. 

During the days that I was housebound, a dear cousin would call me daily. She has MS and is in a wheelchair. We would talk horses because her family also has horses although she was never allowed to be around them. Marilyn, my cousin, started going to shows with me. Her and Dun It teamed up. She used a motorized scooter and could do anything with him. This made Marilyn so happy. She was free from her handicap because she could do what all the others were doing. Marilyn was learning to drive a mini when she had to stop due to family situation. She still talks about the times she had with a sweet mini named Dun It. Since all this has happened, I now own 6 miniature horses and just bought my very first Quarter Horse mare. I am back riding for short spells on this mare. I still have trouble with my legs working all the time, and I now have seizures at night time. 

My love I have for horses and their love back has kept me going all these yrs. I show Miniature horses when I can. Take little rides on my mare Dreamer when able. Just sitting on her is enough to keep me going. Going to the barn and the smell of horses makes me smile from ear to ear. My future is bright now. I am going to start a miniature horse therapy program in Ky. I want to brighten someone else’s days like my minis did for me those so many years ago. If it wasn’t for my mini horse Dun It, I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am today. Thank you Dun It. —Martha T. 

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