Please note this beautiful testimony is from a 15-year-old girl on her connection with Belle:

“Yesterday Belle and I had the most amazing bonding session. We didn’t move, we didn’t work; in fact, I decided to cancel that day’s ride just because I loved how grounded we both were in the moment.

I sat on her bareback, slowly lowering myself to hug her neck. She let me sit there for as long as wanted, as long as I needed. I closed m eyes and soaked in everything—the way the muscles in her back moved as she breathed, her soft ticklish mane, her smell (I love her smell). 

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I poured all the love and good energy I had into her and she told me to give all my bad energy to her too, to let her take it out of my body. I let go of all the stress and negativity I was holding. She let me channel my hurts and stresses into her and let them go. I felt my shoulders relax. I could have sat like that on her for hours, truly I could

Belle licked and chewed, slowly blinked and yawned a bunch during this time, shaking the tensions out of her poll and breathing deeply. I felt so loved, so safe, and so supported on her back. I know deep down in my bones that this mare loves me with all her heart. She’ll keep me as safe as she can and she trusts me very much. I love her just as much. 

I love sessions like this where we just connect. Every day doesn’t have to be riding and hard work, sometimes I just need to sit on my horse and breathe.” —Annonymous


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