“BT is my 27-year-old daughter’s horse. They’ve been together since the day he was born. She trained him and works at the barn she boards him at. Over the past 10 years I’ve watched both of them grow and work together. She talks to him more than any other person. 

BT loves all of our grandchildren and allows them to ride him with a gentleness that just warms our hearts. Natalie isn’t able to work, so being able to help out at the barn BT is boarded at (the owner understands Natalie’s autism) has allowed her to afford him. He’s helped her to socialize and feel she has a purpose. They’re always working on new things together and she just lights up when he learns something new with her. BT is also used for horse lessons for other clients at the farm and has done very well in assisting them in their learning and skills as riders. Together they’ve grown and help one another beyond what any human, physician, etc. could ever do.” —Deb M.

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