“Feather is an amazing pony—a small body and BIG heart. She is the hardest working equine in our herd [ at CHAPS Equine- Assisted Therapy].

Feather participates in our adaptive (therapeutic) riding, equine-assisted learning (EAL), and equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) programs. She is also in training for our adaptive (therapeutic) driving program.

Feather is as rock-solid as they come. She has a tiny rider who is now riding independently, is a favorite of our veterans in the EFP program, and loves to travel to the Child Development Center (CDC), Veterans’ Home, and the Senior Center to serve in our EAL program.

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Feather is kind, quiet, inquisitive, and rocks her “bell bottom” fuzzy feet in the winter. She gives her little rider hugs! In the EFP program, she is very sensitive to the veterans’ needs and gives them the honest feedback they need.

During winter when we travel, Feather is very patient, allowing the elders to lovingly brush her while they tell us stories of their own horses from the past.

At the CDC, she is a wonderful teaching partner; she has been an elephant, a dinosaur, a snowhorse and so much more! Our collaborative education has been a huge success, thanks to Feather and our other pony, ChaChi.

At the Veterans’ Home, Feather is patient with the veterans, taking naps while they groom and learn.” —Kristen M.

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