“When my son Evan started riding Gary he was almost 4 years old, had no language, never slept through the night, had rigid routines, and had so many autism meltdowns in a week that I would lose count. He is now 7, mostly verbal, sleeps all night long, has become flexible, and is such an amazing little boy! I credit him overcoming many of his obstacles to his therapy horse Gary.

I never knew a horse could be so patient, gentle and loving. From the moment Evan met Gary, he had an instant connection. It was like Gary could sense what Evan needed from him. Evan needed someone who didn’t talk but could feel his heart and mind. Gary did just that; it’s like their souls were connected and could communicate without words.

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Gary is the main therapy horse at his stables. He helps countless children every day overcome their challenges. He is the most calming, loving, perfect horse for children and adults.

One thing we have to work on with Evan is confidence and communication, Gary is so patient as Evan learns how to talk to him and use his body to communicate with him. Finding confidence can be hard for children with autism, but Gary has taught Evan how to make a decision and stick with it confidently. Our family is so grateful for Gary the therapy horse and his caregiver Michelle. We don’t know where we would be without their consistent hard work.” —Reader

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