“Hamilton, better known as ‘Hami’ is a 14.2hh palomino Pony of the Americas born in 2004. Hami has a heart of gold and nowhere will one find a more willing pony who goes in any direction he is pointed without the blink of an eye. From therapy lessons with children with cerebral palsy to teaching a beginner rider with a slight mental disability how to trot by themselves to competing in mid-level eventing, Hami does it all.

He came to Shining Hope Farms as a rescue and has turned into one of their biggest assets by teaching the children things humans can’t. Whether he and his rider are galloping to a blue ribbon in eventing or carefully walking a 3-year-old across the arena, Hami does it with determination and enthusiasm unrivaled by any other horse.

After becoming one of the most loved and used horses on the farm, Hami suffered an injury to his lower suspensory ligament near his fetlock in November of 2017 by playing with his pasture mates. This caused him to be taken out of the therapy program on stall rest for two months with another four months of recovery afterward. Hami is now back and better than ever and there is never a day where he fails to make someone smile or laugh.I have never met a horse who loves his job as much as Hami does, and with his infinite patience, he is changing live past, present, and future.” —Megan R.

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