“Joseph is a 30-year-old Saddlebred gelding who was rescued out of a neglectful situation. As his rescuers led him to the trailer, Joseph let out a huge sigh as if he knew he was finally safe and going to a home where he would be loved.

He came to Freedom Reigns covered in rain rot, missing 400 lbs, and full of worms and parasites. Joseph made a full recovery after three months of rehabilitation and stepped into session life full of enthusiasm and with a heart full of love for our participants.

We call him our “official greeting committee” because when we bring people to the ranch, he will nicker for them at the gate and then stand in the very middle of the group where he will situate himself so that everyone can be petting him at once.

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Joseph is an example of how anyone can make a difference, even the most unlikely of people (or horses.) Joseph had been written off because he was considered too old, too swaybacked, and had too many hoof issues to be of use. But upon coming to the ranch, it was obvious that Joseph still had more to give.

He loves being a session horse and showers everyone with love and affection. He has shown our participants that no matter what they bring to the table, they hold value and have purpose. We could not be more grateful for Joseph and for everything he brings to the ranch.” –Rachel C.

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