“Oliver is a pip of a guy standing just 31 inches tall and the color of a brownie with caramel! He is one of four horses who currently make up the therapy horses of Jacob’s Lighthouse Inc., a non-profit that uses equine-assisted therapy to spread hope and joy through the healing power of horses. 

Oliver has been a therapy horse since he was 8 months old (he turned 4 in June 2020). Oliver wears many hats both figuratively and literally (he like to dress up). Most of the residents at the assisted-living facilities he visits have Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, or mobility loss. 

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Oliver is especially attentive, marching himself right up to anyone to give kisses on their cheeks and laying his head across their lap so they can touch him. For those with limited mobility this allows me to massage their hands over his body until they can move their fingers/hands themselves. 

Many of those we visit grew up on a farm or had horses growing up. Seeing Oliver inspires happy memories from their youth and allows them to reminisce with me and those around them. We often inspire people who are usually silent and withdrawn to be present and tell stories! 

Oliver loves to listen to stories, one of his other hats is going to visit schools/daycare programs, reading books with the children and encouraging the children to read to him. His favorite is teaching the kids fitness at the walk, trot and canter!” —Kallie Z.

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