Pedro the therapy pony gives confidence to a young rider with a prosthetic leg.

Pedro is a little bay therapeutic riding pony at Saddle Up! who just willingly does his job, year after year, for the last 12 years. As he sees it, Pedro’s job is instilling confidence in his small riders, and convincing them that he is Their Pony.

Pedro was the first mount for a 4-year-old rider who has a prosthetic left leg. Learning to put that left foot in the stirrup to get on Pedro was Job One. Pedro was so patient, and the brave little rider knew he could trust his buddy to stand perfectly still at the mounting block. 

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That rider has outgrown Pedro and moved on to bigger horses now. When he mounts a big horse “all by himself,” he remembers that it all began with Pedro. (Photo is Pedro with four-year-old rider)

One of Pedro’s current riders is 6 years old. She has learned to nod her head to tell Pedro “walk on.” And when it’s time to get off, she leans forward, pats him on the neck, with a big smile on her face. She loves “her pony,” Pedro. —Anne C.

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