“I met Shiloh at a time when I thought there was no hope for me to enjoy life again. I was labeled as a Medically Retired Disabled Combat Veteran with Chronic Severe PTSD, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, not released to work.

After my last tour to Afghanistan, everything changed for me. Marrying the love of my life or even bringing a beautiful baby girl into this world reached me on a flat line. In August 2015 I was medically retired from the Army after 10 years and two tours. That day, who I was died when I took off my uniform for the last time. It has been a daily battle every day since to keep my head above water.

Up until a few months ago I stayed pretty much locked in the house because what was outside simply didn’t interest me anymore. Nothing did, to be honest. It took three years and a last-ditch effort from my wife to spark life into me by tricking me into meeting Shiloh. From the moment I put my foot in the stirrup he began to revive the person locked inside. Unknown to me at the time, Shiloh had traumas of his own and was a horse who had lost trust in his rider. And when he couldn’t be rode anymore, he was simply put out to pasture. Broken and lost just like me. He and I continue to bring life into each other, every single day!” —John S.

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