“In October of 2020, Snickers began to color my life with her sweet and playful personality.

Snickers has challenged me. She has been there to make me laugh, catch my tears, listen to my stories, hold me accountable, and make me feel strong when I am weak. Snickers has given me a safe place to belong.

I have been dealing with chronic illness for a long time, and it’s difficult to see progress in life. With our partnership, Snickers has helped me feel a sense of accomplishment.

Snickers is patient, doesn’t judge, accepts me where I am, and knows I am doing the best I can.

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The most common question in the health world is “how are you feeling?” Snickers knows the answer to that question far better than me, with no explanation needed.

Ironically, I was matched with a therapy horse [at New Kingdom Trailriders] who is blind in her right eye. This allowed me another perspective on my own situation. Snickers makes minor accommodations for herself in certain situations, and I do the same for her, but she keeps going.

My situation is similar, but together we are still coloring the world. David Weaver says it best: “Broken crayons still color.”

Snickers inspires me to get up and go, because trust me, when she wants to, she GOES!

When I look into Snickers’ eye, with her sweet, loving heart, she encourages life and whispers to my heart, “Everything will be okay. Prove them wrong. Go color the world!” —Katie L.

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