“In 2017, I decided to volunteer at an equine rescue in Mount Kisco, NY. I had always dreamed of owning a horse but had no intention of doing so at the time. On the night of November 12, 2017, we were awaiting a trailer load of horses that were in desperate need of new homes. The last horse to be offloaded was a cremello horse name Snowball.

His eyes were wide. He was anxious. He was scared.

Over the next few months I would bond with this horse. I would also be challenged by this horse. He was anxious. Nervous. Sensitive. Impatient. Short-tempered. Stubborn. Insecure. He was constantly labeled as difficult and crazy when in reality he was just protecting himself.

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Soon I realized that when I looked at him, it was a version of myself that was staring back at me. He was a reflection of me in every way. Together, we worked through our flaws. Discovered our strengths. Made a heart-to-heart connection no one could understand. He taught me patience, communication, and confidence. He taught me lessons that no one else could teach me. He is wise. He is smart. He is funny. He trusted me with his true personality and I trusted him with mine. It was then that I realized that he is my heart horse.

I am so thankful that he stepped into my life and the only way I could think to repay him is to give him a forever home. I promise him to spoil him the way he deserves. Today he happily lives outside with his friends Finn, Augie, Zephyr, and Cody and eats all of the treats he can get his hooves on!” —Sabina S.

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