"Thirty-two-year-old Sugar has been patient with over 150 young children thus far..."
Older looking horse wearing a pink and black winter blanket walks through a pasture

"Thirty-two-year-old Sugar has been patient with over 150 young children thus far. The little liver chestnut Morgan mare calmly allows the little ones to groom, pick out her feet and be led and ridden.

One time at a local show, Sugar took her rider to the center of the ring when another horse bolted, standing stock still til the excitement was over. She helps adults get over their fear of being around horses and learn about the gentle nature of horses. She is an ambassador for equines everywhere.

Sugar allows the little ones to position her next to the mounting block and stands patiently while they climb on. She listens carefully to the cues, walking and jogging as asked or maneuvering close to a barrel to retrieve a ball to drop in a bucket. She will even weave through bending poles by herself if the child forgets the pattern. She tells them not to be afraid.

Sugar has given confidence to so many, showing them they can do tasks that seemed impossible. A rescue herself, she is very special." —Wendy C.

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