Sugar Cookie

“We needed a unicorn! We needed a white miniature horse to be used as a unicorn for photoshoots and that’s how Sugar Cookie came to Let’s Saddle Up. 

Sugar has such a great personality. She’s very calm and easy-going, with one blue eye and one brown eye, and solid white. She’s truly the perfect unicorn. Sugar is a qualified therapy horse through American Miniature Therapy Horse Association.

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We do visits to nursing homes, daycares, schools, and public events. She is ever so gentle with the elderly and small children. She’s been on TV to promote our therapeutic riding program, gone to the American Heart Association Beach Ride to represent therapy horses, and helped in 4H programs. But more than all that, she is super for putting smiles on the elderly, for teaching small children about horses, and being there for those who need a soft nose to touch, to offer a neck for someone that cries in her mane when life is cruel, and encourage someone to walk when the pain in life is way too much.

Sugar is more than a horse, she is magical. I guess she really is a unicorn.” —Sharron D.

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