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"Buck was rescued and rehabilitated and is now paying it forward by sharing his story and serving as a therapy horse at Hope Reins. His biggest fan is Hannah, who first met him when she was 10 years old. She is now 15. 

Here are Hannah's own words about her relationship with Buck: 

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Buck is very special to me. I've had a couple of people ask who my friends are, and my response is always, 'Well, there's this one horse. His name is Buck and he's my best friend.'

Usually, they just smile, but one girl, around my age, asked, 'But how? You don't even own the horse, yet you claim that he's your best friend. Everyone says their pets are their best friends.'

I wasn't sure how to respond to this, but then I knew. Buck isn't like a pet but neither is he like a human. He's his own kind of special! Buck has taught me how to be a better person. He's taught me patience and how to stay calm and control my temper. He's taught me that I don't always have to be in control. He's taught that it's not my mistakes that matter, but how I overcome and fix them. The list could go on. 

Buck has helped me in a way that I never expected. It's almost like he helped me find myself, and what really matters. He helped me make better decisions and focus on what's right. I don't really understand how he does this, but he has, and that's what counts. Buck is my motivation and my hero!" —submitted by Cynthia J.

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