DreamCatcher Horse Rescue rescued Charlie and immediately realized he loved children. He’s a little pony with a big heart and has always been able to make an instant connection with the children he meets. He especially loves to give pony rides to small children, particularly those with special needs. 

We may have rescued Charlie but Charlie rescued Katie. 

Katie came to DreamCatcher at the age of 2 with her adoptive mom in an effort to see if the horses could help her. Katie was born with neonatal abstinence syndrome autism (caused when a baby withdraws from certain drugs they were exposed to in the womb before birth), and she had been neglected and abused. Our precious Charlie knew he had an important job to do. 

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As soon as Katie met Charlie, there was an instant connection. Little Katie, who never talked, said his name. It was very emotional for Katie’s adoptive mom who cried tears of happiness. Katie came back to ride Charlie on a regular schedule. The little girl who rarely talked was so full of excitement to see Charlie that she eventually joined in on conversations with our volunteers. Charlie knew who Katie was and Charlie loved her conversations. 

The ranch became a safe place where Katie learned to trust. The moment she was on the road to the ranch, Katie would start to chatter with excitement. She really blossomed. One day Katie even told Highway, a rescue horse, “I trust you.” 

Despite all the bad things that have happened to Katie and her adoptive mother, Charlie has been able to bring something beautiful to their lives. Katie is 5 now and verbally advanced. DCHR gave Katie a stuffed horse that resembled Charlie. Katie sleeps every night with it. —June E.

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