I’m sure everyone says this about their horse, but Tank is unlike any other horse. He has a very special personality and has a very special job. He is an adaptive riding horse.

Tank brings hundreds of smiles to individuals each week at Mandy’s Farm, whether it’s during our riding club, horsemanship classes, parades, or events. He is the most patient, loving, and understanding horse we have.

When Maegan started riding with us, she had a tough time. She was afraid to touch the horses let alone ride one. After a few visits, she finally summoned the bravery tp start grooming Tank and then finally took a plunge and rode. She did great! Maegan was very shy and didn’t want to speak, hold the reins, or do anything but a pony ride.

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It has now been two years since that ride and Maegan is a whole new person; she helps groom her horse and even tacks up! She will use her feet to ask her horse to go, she’s found her voice and tells her horse to walk on, and will independently hold her reins. She is doing amazing and the horses, especially Tank, have really helped her become more confident and happy.

Tank has helped Maegan and many others here at Mandy’s Farm. We are all so thankful for him and wouldn’t know what to do without him. –Cindy

A little about Mandy’s Farm

Mandy’s Farm is a private nonprofit organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that provides high-quality 24-hour community living services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Its goal is to create a safe and caring environment where individuals can grow and thrive. Providing supportive living, supported employment, and day services, Mandy’s is unlike anyplace else.

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