Professional Cookie was our barn’s sweetheart. Undoubtedly, Cookie knew and consistently met our students’ needs, and in doing so, he gave families hope in dark and uncertain times.

Cookie was able to transform the lives he touched. Those of us in equine therapy know his story to be true; those who are in need of or prescribe therapies should hear Cookie’s story.

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The way families and instructors [at Amy’s Wish with Wings] talk about Cookie gives me goosebumps. Once, while working with a non-verbal child, Cookie stopped and refused to move, which led to the child’s first words. With some encouragement from the instructor, the student asked Cookie to “walk on” and with that, Cookie took a step forward. When the instructor tells this story, her voice is always filled with surprise and awe—just how did Cookie know? Researching more about equine therapy, we now know the horse can be a powerful motivator, but it doesn’t explain the depth of the intuitive healing powers of horses.

Thanks to Cookie’s sensitivity and patience, one of his medically fragile riders was able to progress from being wheelchair-bound to riding independently! Due to his ability to detect subtle physiological changes, he knew when the student needed to rest and when to push her. Years later, that student continues to walk and ride independently.

We celebrate Cookie’s long and happy life as he passed away this past December at age 32. We will always remember his sensitivity, patience, and intuitive healing powers. —Jaimie O.

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