Marvel—”to be filled with wonder or astonishment.” A fitting definition and the name of our wonderful 30-year-old therapy horse, Marvel.

When volunteers and riders meet Marvel, he seems like a typical therapy horse with a broad, supportive back, kind eyes, and a gentle disposition. What separates Marvel from the rest of our therapy horses is his keen sense of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Marvel excels in the “rider intuition” department. He knows when his riders are scared, nervous, unbalanced, or just need some quiet, alone time with a trusty steed who gets them. At Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, many of our riders have taken their first trot or learned to canter on Marvel thanks to his easy-going gait and his personal mission to take care of his riders.

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There is nothing that Marvel loves more than horse shows. He knows what his job is and is a perfect show horse from the time he unloads off the trailer to each rider who greets him with an eager pat before each class. He carefully listens to his riders for instructions and aids as they perform their dressage tests and equitation patterns to the delight of volunteers, instructors, riders, and families.

This wonderful therapy horse has carried his riders to countless ribbons at horse shows including Grand and Reserve Championships at the Devon Horse Show, and provides hours of companionship to riders that struggle physically, socially, and emotionally. Marvel exudes what it means to be a therapeutic program lesson horse.

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