Reba or “Reba the Mini Diva” as she is affectionately called, is proving time and time again that it is not the size of the horse that matters but their heart. Reba provides comfort to PTSD survivors both in youth and children services as well as veterans hospitals. Beyond the normal uses of a therapy horse, Reba also provides a safe and confirming environment for children struggling to learn how to read. 

This was my personal experience with Reba: My daughter struggled for years to learn how to read and hated the process with a passion. She had given up and would become very frustrated with every effort to help her. That’s when I found Flames to Hope. It was with one more last-ditch effort that we made the drive to Noble, Oklahoma, to read to Reba. 

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Through the Read At Ease program, Reba helped Gwendolyn learn how to read. It didn’t stop with reading though. As time went on, my daughter not only exceeded her grade’s reading level but also gained confidence in herself and her abilities. Reba offered her a safe place without judgment, without correction or criticism. She offered my daughter the chance to learn in a way that she had never done before. A large horse would have been too intimidating for my shy daughter but Reba’s small stature was perfect for her. Now, my daughter thrives. She excels in school. She’s made friends. She’s now the girl on the outside that she’s always hid on the inside, all thanks to Reba the Mini Diva. 

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