THT_Rio and Bandit

“I was an avid horsewoman with extensive trail riding experience. I also dabbled in Limited Distance and enjoying Mounted Orienteering. But late November 2016, I suffered a terrible side effect to the flu shot called Guillain Barre Syndrome.

I was left unable to walk, much less ride a horse. I was sure I would never ride again, hoping I would walk. I definitely was unable to care for them. So I decided to sell my two horses. One was a registered Quarter Horse named Rio. I had acquired him when he was a yearling. He went to my riding friend, Raina, who is involved in Ranch Versatility.

Amazingly, after five months of hard work and physical therapy, my doc said I could slowly start to get up on a horse. I was walking some but was still suffering from nerve damage to my ankles and feet. My friend, Christine got me up on her sweet Arabian gelding, Bandit. I started with five minutes while Christine led Bandit and another friend, Monica held my leg.

I improved a little every week. The riding sessions on Bandit the Arabian made me so happy and was helping the nerve healing in my ankles and feet. When the gal who bought Rio saw my improvement, she offered Rio back to me, so I bought him back and have been riding him ever since. He is a joy and definitely lifts my spirits and is helping to heal my body. I am almost a year from diagnosis and have improved a great deal! I am so thankful to my friends and to Bandit and Rio for helping me recover.” —Tammy J.

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