Therapy Horse of the Week: Andy

From mounted police horse to therapy horse and personal comforter, "Andy" does it all.

Hancock Hickory Andy, known simply as “Andy,” is not only my personal therapy horse (I’m a veteran), but a working therapy horse for Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Program.

Therapy Horse Andy stands for a rider
Andy has several jobs, and one he does with poise is his therapeutic riding job. Photo courtesy of S. Williams

Andy is also a mounted police horse, and will go above and beyond in everything that’s asked of him. He’s always been there when needed personally and professionally.

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I never thought when I bought him as an untouched colt that he would be the horse who would touch so many lives. For years I have used Andy as my personal mental and physical therapy equine.

Andy the horse rests his head in the arms of a woman
Andy enjoys his people. Photo courtesy of S. Williams

Throughout the years, his most important job has become the partnership he has formed with my son Wyatt. Most horses shy away from Wyatt due to his outbursts and radical movements. Not Andy. He takes it all in stride.

Andy is so in tune to his riders that he has predicted seizures they are about to have and stops and stands absolutely still as they happen.

As a mounted police horse, Andy helps people overcome fear of uniformed officers and helps show children it’s ok to find an officer at any time. I couldn’t be prouder to own such a once in a lifetime equine partner.

–S. Williams

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