Therapy Horse of the Week: Boo

Paint Horse "Boo" is ready to take riders on everything from the easiest of walks to gentle jumping courses.

Boo stands patiently as a child prepares to go for a ride.
Boo stands patiently as a child prepares to go for a ride. Photo courtesy of P. Farrar.

Being a therapy horse is a rewarding job, but it is also a challenging job for our horses. They give themselves physically to help our riders find their balance and their strength. They also give themselves emotionally for riders that need them to be the shoulder to cry on, and the always reliable friend.

Boo has been a hard-working member of our herd for over 5 years at Freedom Hooves Therapeutic Riding Center. In that time, he has provided rides for countless children and adults with all forms of disabilities. From children that are working hard to gain the core strength to walk and crawl, to adults that are finding confidence in themselves as they canter around the arena, Boo has been there each step of the way.

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Before coming to work with us as a therapy horse, Boo jumped with his previous family, and worked as a lesson horse. He still loves to teach more advanced riders the ropes over some small jumps, but he really enjoys his slower paced life. There are many examples of how he has changed the lives of people for the better.

One of his riders was extremely nervous when they began to ride, to the point that they would shake as they mounted up. They quickly progressed to trotting independently on their new steady friend. His reliability and versatility is his greatest strength as a therapy horse, and his willingness to be his riders friend ensures that everyone who comes to the barn wants to ride Boo.

– P. Farrar

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