Therapy Horse of the Week: Cowboy

Therapy horse cowboy
Cowboy loves all who come into contact with him, horse or human. Photo courtesy of K. Zachman.

Cowboy is simply amazing. Seven years ago, we rescued this Buttermilk Buckskin from the Bastrop, LA Kill lot and brought him to his loving forever home at Angel Reins Stable, St. Augusta, MN.

Despite his frightening situation at the kill lot, he retained his beautiful heart. Cowboy is not only very handsome, but he also literally saves lives. Angel Reins is a place of horses and healing. We provide therapeutic services to survivors of human trafficking, veterans and others.

Cowboy touches the hearts of so many and is a best friend to all the horses here. He is the first one to greet a new rescue and stands protective watch until they are part of the herd.

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In addition to providing the gift of a safe ride, Cowboy offers the gift of understanding. He literally will hug those he’s helping heal from trauma, anxiety, depression and more. He is very gentle and can be ridden bareback with just a halter. Last year we performed a tribute to fallen soldiers and this sweet horse rode solo beautifully carrying the American Flag, all bareback and just a halter.

Cowboy also has a great sense of humor! He loves to play and loves life! It’s not uncommon to see our sweet rescue cat Joie sitting on top of Cowboy. Many a person has claimed “Cowboy” as “their” horse…and truth be told, he is. He is loved by so many and loves them back.

– K. Zachman

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