Therapy Horse of the Week: Scout

“Scout is a horse [at Hope Reins] that has majorly impacted many people’s lives, but one young girl specifically. This young girl was struggling with ongoing, intense PTSD after a horrible car crash that almost took her father’s life. She was supposed to be in the car and at the last moment made the choice not to go with him, which left her with many what-ifs.

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At a time when she needed a friend most, Scout stepped in, giving her a purpose and something else to focus on. Scout would give hugs to this girl by wrapping his head around her body and not letting go until she was ready. He taught her how to forgive, be patient, and not live in the past but simply in the moment. She felt like HE may have been part of the reason she didn’t step into the car that day; had she gotten in, the accident would have likely taken her life.

Scout is a gentle giant whose gift is giving hope to everyone he meets. A year later, this same girl required surgery. Unfortunately, it resulted in an infection that spread throughout her whole body. Despite having no energy and being in intense pain, all she could think about was seeing Scout at the barn. So she came out to see him and he gave her the mental strength to keep fighting, no matter how difficult it got. Scout is a true gift to many.” —Sara K.

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