Therapy Horse of the Week: Shiloh

Shiloh takes his job very seriously, bringing joy to everyone he meets.

Shiloh is a one-in-a-million therapy horse who joined Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy in 2019. This 25-years-young Quarter Horse has helped hundreds or riders with special needs reach new heights of independence. His sweet disposition and huge heart brings out the best in each of his participants. He’s always offering his patience, support and giving even the most timid riders increased confidence.

Shiloh is the foundation of our Hippotherapy program thanks to his compassionate disposition, rock-solid reliability, and steady and rhythmic gait. He has a unique intuitive ability to know what each of his riders need, and he delivers every time. He is extremely patient and reliable with every age group, and never tires of being the center of attention in the grooming stall.

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Every day Shiloh shares the use of his legs for children who use wheelchairs and walkers, encourages boys and girls to say, “walk on” and “whoa” when they do not typically speak throughout the day, and delivers mile-wide smiles to all his riders as the trot down the long side.

He is one of those special “once in a lifetime” horses that you can always count on and never forget. He is beloved by his participants, their family members, volunteers, and staff. We are honored to nominate the incredible Shiloh for the miraculous moments he makes possible – that are only outshined by his heart of gold and his radiant copper penny coat.

–Jill H.

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