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hope in the saddle Trixie


Jessica came to Haven Acres in 2016, a very anxious and fearful 9-year-old...

military veteran brushes chestnut horse


I met Shiloh at a time when I thought there was no hope for me to enjoy life again...

woman with PTSD and anxiety hugs therapy horse


Last summer I found myself in a really bad place. I was barely functional and could barely leave the house...

young boy (with happy face emoji over face to protect identity) holding a blue rope and leading a sorrel horse. The boy is also petting the horse's cheek.


Tentatively and quietly he said, "I can't go to school." The words came out as if they had been clawing in his throat all day and finally managed to narrowly escape...

woman wearing green shirt and jeans riding black and white horse through field of yellow wildflowers


My horse Koda has rescued me from depression and anxiety....