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therapy horse peaches


Peaches is a 2-year-old dwarf miniature horse that we rescued in 2017. She was 7 months old when we rescued her and had many medical issues with walking and her hooves.

girl with short hair hugs Shetland pony in driving cart harness


Horses have been a wonderful source of comfort in my life. But the first pony I brought home, a little Shetland my neighbor had rescued from the local auction, well, I wouldn’t have called him “comforting”...

woman wearing green shirt and jeans riding black and white horse through field of yellow wildflowers


My horse Koda has rescued me from depression and anxiety....

three horses ridden by riders in winter clothing stand in a line on a snowy road

San & Tyler

My horses San and Tyler have gotten me through some very dark times in my life...

woman in purple shirt smiles next to brown horse


How does anyone handle the unexpected loss of a 15-year old Arabian to colic? We had come so far...