Buttercup has been my daughter's horse for therapy for over five years...

“Buttercup has been my daughter’s horse for therapy for over five years. My daughter is 11 and has been riding since she was 2. She is a miracle. She was adopted from China and is a survivor of one of the rarest brain injuries in the world. She cannot walk or talk.

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Buttercup and she have a connection like no other. Buttercup has given her a purpose. They spend time together and ride—therapy is happening but unlike all of her other therapies, she is unaware. Recently, Natalie’s service dog died of cancer. The first thing Natalie wanted was Buttercup. She knew that Buttercup would understand and comfort her. Natalie loves Buttercup and we are blessed to have her be a part of our daughter’s life.” —Julie F.

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