Stories Of Hope

Tell your story! Have you benefited from equine therapy? Have horses helped you overcome major challenges? Share your experience with healing through horses and read the inspiring stories of others! These are reader-submitted stories. The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors do not reflect those of Hope in the Saddle. Some stories edited for clarity or length

girl with short hair hugs Shetland pony in driving cart harness


Horses have been a wonderful source of comfort in my life. But the first pony I brought home, a little Shetland my neighbor had rescued from the local auction, well, I wouldn’t have called him “comforting”...

rider in gray tank top and black breeches rides sorrel horse in English saddle on grass


On April 6, 2018, I stood in a college auditorium and scanned rows filled by my faculty colleagues, students, family, and friends—the people I most admire and want to respect me. Then I said something I never thought I’d utter aloud...

black and white photo of rider and dressage horse from the cover of "The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse" book


Moonshine was a throwaway, ruined off-the-track racehorse who had been abused and then abandoned...

woman in graduation cap and gown hugs the face of a brown horse


When I was 16, I begged my parents to let me ride the beautiful, *very* recently saddle-broke PMU mare that our good family friend had recently bought...

woman in pink shirt trail riding on sorrel horse

Rio and Bandit

I was an avid horsewoman with extensive trail riding experience. I also dabbled in Limited Distance and enjoying Mounted Orienteering. But late November 2016, I suffered a terrible side effect to the flu shot called Guillain Barre Syndrome...

woman sits on the grass with a dog in her lap and a sorrel horse laying down next to her


My name is Amanda, and I am an Air Force veteran who nearly lost my life to PTSD...

young boy pets and kisses brown and white pony


Twelve-year-old Damion has Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. He is in a wheelchair, unable to stand or walk without assistance...

woman in checkered shirt and glasses hugs chestnut therapy horse

Skye’s Story

Horses are gifted with sensitivity, honesty, and an incredible amount of grace. They have a way of touching the hearts of even the most troubled souls...

woman in purple shirt smiles next to brown horse


How does anyone handle the unexpected loss of a 15-year old Arabian to colic? We had come so far...

woman in wheelchair smiles next to black therapy horse at equine therapy barn


I have been riding at the REATH Center for two years now. It has become a big part of my life. When I was born, I was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a congenital joint contracture in two or more areas of the body.

paint equine therapy horse in barn


Jake is a 21-year-old Tennessee Walker Paint gelding that has been working for the 4-H Grand Equestrians Therapeutic Riding Program in Howell Michigan for longer than I can remember.



I have miniature therapy horses. JJ was my first one and the one I take out visiting the most as he's the one that seems to connect with the people who need it the most.


Stormy and Shad

I’ve been riding for about 9 years now and it has become my rock. When I was 7 I was hospitalized for an anxiety-induced stomach ulcer...



I’ve gone from having depression with major PTSD to survivor to now THRIVER! Hope is a powerful thing.



Six years ago I was disabled physically and mentally from PTSD and personal challenges after my time serving in the Navy...



I got Fancy in my 40s and she changed my life. She has given me a social circle that I normally wouldn't have...


Dun It

My story started 8yrs ago. I was stopped at a red light when a car T-boned my dually truck. EMT's said I was lucky to be alive.