“Easy was anything but easy when we first met. Her nickname became “Not So Easy,” as given to her by my trainer. She had a lot of previous baggage from whatever happened before I bought her. She was a nervous wreck, very untrusting of people, and had some sort of trauma associated with saddles.

It took a long time to gain her trust and build her confidence in herself. We had six months of strictly groundwork, rebuilding her foundation on trust rather than fear. It’s been almost six years since then and today Easy’s story brings comfort to those who have suffered abuse and broken trust, as well as those suffering from anxiety and depression.

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She helps build confidence in timid riders when I teach lessons and she is used in equine-assisted therapy sessions for people of all ages. Easy teaches people that there is always a chance for things to change; just because you are in a bad situation or feeling down doesn’t mean you have to forever. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.” —Hannah R.

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