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My name is Amanda, and I am an Air Force veteran who nearly lost my life to PTSD...
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woman sits on the grass with a dog in her lap and a sorrel horse laying down next to her

"My name is Amanda, and I am an Air Force veteran who nearly lost my life to PTSD. I found healing in horses and was able to 100% heal from PTSD, became certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and now run a successful program for veterans at my farm in Ohio.

In this picture is my mustang mare, Eleanore, or "Ellie" for short. She was named after the 67 GT Mustang in the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds."

I have rescued 15 mustangs in my life and the first one, Shelby, was the horse that literally saved my life. I rescued a BLM stallion and one day he jumped the fence without me knowing it. Ten months later we discovered Shelby was about to foal. With only three weeks notice, we welcomed this special girl into the world.

She had about 100 visitors in the first 72 hours of her life. She is truly a special mare and started in my veterans program at just 4 months old. Just like her mother saved me, Ellie has gone on to help heal many other veterans. She is now 5 years old and has positioned herself as the program greeter.A true gift from God, Ellie knows right away when someone needs help. She will often lay down at the feet of struggling veterans to show them that it's OK to be vulnerable. As a result of her special gift, she continues to help our service men and women return to the life they fought to protect." —Amanda H.