“Izzy came to us four years ago because quite frankly she was too much for anyone to handle— not because she was bad, but because she wanted something more to do. Somehow our girl always ended up escaping or getting into mischief. My daughter who is her “person” feels it was to give others a chance to be more than what people see on the outside.

Izzy is a hinny (not normally bred because of their tendency to be tenacious). Izzy is tenacious and can be mulish in a lot of cases until she is dealing with a child. In those moments, something extraordinary comes over her and she is anything we need her to be.

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Our program allows for equine activities, enrichment, and riding for individuals with special needs. Izzy somehow understands that these kids need just a little more understanding to accomplish what others can with ease. We have children across all spectrums of disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, developmental or emotional delays, and children dealing with mental and emotional crises within their homes. Izzy caters to all their needs.

Too often people look at her and think she is only a mule, yet Izzy proves each week she is more than what someone sees upon face value. She will tirelessly run the course for all our kids if she was needed as easily as she would one child. We have used dice, bubbles, pool noodles, rings, fishing poles, costumes while a child sits upon her back. She is the backbone of our program who has helped children interact with others, work on their speech, coordinate their motor skills and build their muscles.

Izzy has even been credited with helping a boy sit up from their physical therapist. She has quite the resume and being ten years old, we hope there is more wonderful development, acceptance, and smiles in her future. Izzy helps people to see that all equines can give therapy, love, and acceptance. She promotes the lessons we try to teach every time we are out there that we may look different and we may get to our goals differently, but we can get there.” —Danielle C

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