“Jay-R (AQHA Mr Gold Lent) was the best instructor in our program, Jay-R spent more than 10 years with us at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)/Center of Equine Recovery for Veterans). The first ride for many and the first canter for even more, he was literally worth his weight in gold. This “cream puff” (as students fondly dubbed him) wasn’t going to give you any more than you asked for. 

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Jay-R set the standard that all MTSU horses must now live up to. He was a beginner mount, an advanced pattern horse, a veterans’ therapy horse, a research pony, and most importantly a sweet friend. He nickered whenever it was feed time, and he listened to the announcers during shows. He provided a place of comfort for our students well into his old age. 

Jay-R was one of our first horses used in the establishment of MTSU’s Center of Equine Recovery for Veterans program in 2013—a program designed to assist local veterans diagnosed with serious mental illness. For the time we had with him, we are grateful, but that doesn’t ease our sadness of losing such a great partner in our program. 

This picture is of Jay-R with his first veteran pairing.” —Andrea R.

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