“Lady is a beautiful Paint horse who has been with our program for 14 years. In those 14 years, she has been so caring and loving toward participants of all ages and abilities.

She is gentle, which is inviting to those who are timid; she is quiet for those easily overstimulated; she is caring for those who want to overcome emotional obstacles; she is strong for those who need her strength; she is rhythmic to reward her rider for being balanced; and she is a challenge for those who need it.

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But the sweetest, most amazing gift Lady has given to this program is her ability to handle all the unexpected things—and there are many—that can happen in this field. Lady once sensed when a rider was about to have a seizure. She came to a complete stop and remained totally still with her head low until the rider was safely removed without incident.

Another time, Lady showed unconditional love when one of our participants became extremely emotional. Lady lowered and moved her head into the participant as she began to weep very deeply once dismounted. Lady remained very still with her eyes closed until the participant was quiet. She offers a nonjudgemental, unconditional, nonbiased love that our participants truly treasure and need. She is like no other horse we have had the pleasure of having.” —Kelly E.

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