“We have a child with developmental delays. She has been diagnosed with hypotonia or ‘floppy baby syndrome,’ a sensory processing disorder and developmental delay. She is in the process of being tested for autism, but it has been delayed with COVID. We were recommended by her therapists to look into a therapeutic riding program as we found that after being around a horse at a family outing she really lit up. 

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In our area, however, the therapeutic riding program had closed. We decided to make a life-changing decision and get into horses ourselves. We purchased our first horse over a year ago. Duncan has been a dream but the horse who has really helped my daughter is the miniature horse we purchased named Ranger.

Maddie has learned to lead him, groom him, and even rides him around. She has made such progress with him. She participates in class and walks up and down stairs on her own now. She can even run! I can’t put into words how much this little horse has done for us. 

The bond they have is amazing. He doesn’t really let other kids ride him but for Maddie, he could go all day. It’s funny to think that this little guy was deemed useless because we wouldn’t pull a cart and now he is our magical unicorn making my little girl’s dreams come true.” —Catherine C.

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