Story and Bam Bam

“At Healing with Horses Ranch in Manor, Texas, clients of all walks of life improve their resilience and independence through the power of the horse. Max came to Healing with Horses Ranch lacking confidence and struggled to have his needs and feelings heard by others. However, he immediately connected with several of the members of the herd.

Max’s mother is proud of his accomplishments brought on by building a strong connection with a horse. ‘Max has been taking horse lessons for a couple of years at Healing with Horses Ranch,’ she says. ‘From the first day, the entire team has made him feel very comfortable and safe working around the horses. He really enjoyed trying to challenge himself, working with the smaller horses or with Sweet Pea [a donkey] until he felt calm and confident working with Levi [an 18hh Percheron], who at first was a great challenge for him.’

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Max became close with an amazing Haflinger named Story. The two grew close to each other and became the best of friends. ‘He loved working with Story, another beautiful horse,’ Max’s mom notes. Unfortunately, on March 16th, 2021, Story crossed the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. Max was very sorry for his loss, but somehow he understood that it is part of life. Even in death, Story continued to teach his students.

Currently, Max has a lot of affection for Bam Bam, a new horse in the herd. ‘No matter which horse he works with, the progress in Max’s life is very noticeable as it has helped him focus more on school, to be more compassionate with people and with all beings around them,’ his mother says. ‘Thanks to this therapy we have not had to medicate him for his ADHD. Many thanks to Mrs. Patty and the great team of volunteers who always receive us with a big smile, thanks for their time and dedication!'”

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