Liver is a registered Haflinger mare and she is 36 years young. She has been with Storm Harbor Equestrian Center since 2005 and has helped numerous of riders feel accomplished and helped them reach their goals.

Liver is always 100% reliable and is there for her clients. She never complains about her job and is always happy to serve her riders! She is our go-to horse for grooming, no matter of age, size, or disability of our client. We use her with our senior groups, veteran groups, and our regular lesson program. She is the perfect horse to use our SureHands lift to mount riders. She is the favorite horse of everyone that visits the barn, from small children to our American veterans.

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If there was a perfect therapy horse, our horse Liver would be the one! At her age, she is still healthy and happy and she knows how to put a smile on all of her riders’ faces. Our clients love to bring her animal crackers because that is the easiest treat she can eat. She takes care of her riders and they make sure she knows she is loved.

No horse will ever have what Liver has when it comes to her patience, trust, and understanding. It is like she knows how to handle each and every rider and what will make her riders leave with the biggest smiles. —Deb E.

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