Sunny, the namesake of Sunny Creek Ranch, changed my life and continues to change the lives of those who work with her in our veteran equine program.

My husband served 20 years in the military, and after back-to-back deployments to Iraq and moving all over the country, our family was frayed. I had lost myself.

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In an effort to find myself again, I got back into horses. Sunny is a rescue from the SPCA. She was untrusting of people, rightfully so, after being a starvation case. She and I have been together for 5 years now. She has taught me forgiveness, trust, joy, overcoming odds, and so much more. She has saved me more than I have saved her.

Sunny is very selective about who she will trust, and when she selects a veteran client to share her time with, I know how special that person must be. I wake up every morning grateful she is part of my life. She understands me better than any human and we have an unbreakable bond. She has never won a ribbon but she has certainly won my heart. —Shannon N.

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