Therapy Horse of the Week: Cowboy

Courtesy of S. Bollinger.

Our beautiful, autistic son Eli has found a meaningful hobby all his own with the help of calm gelding Cowboy.

Eli is the oldest of 5 children and has always been so happy to cheer on his brothers and sisters in all their sports and activities, but because of his challenges with regulation, high activity level, and processing, he’s never had an activity he was able to participate in and connect with.

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That all changed when he met Cowboy the palomino. Even with Eli’s excitement and regulation issues, Cowboy always remains so gentle and calm, and that has resulted in Eli not only being able to calm down and focus, but take pride and joy in finally having something of his own to succeed at where he is not judged or ignored.

Cowboy is the best, most patient horse you’ll ever meet. Eli even has a stuffed animal miniature of Cowboy at home to help him regulate and give him a friend to squeeze.

– S. Bollinger

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