Therapy Horse of the Week: Bear

Bear is a playful 25-year-old who puts on his “work cap” when students are involved.

Bear has been a staple in the HorseAbility community for over 16 years.

He works in every program we offer including hippotherapy, adaptive riding, ground lessons, veterans programs, senior and memory care programs, our competitive show team, our equine assisted psychotherapy sessions, volunteer riding lessons, life skills program, school programs, and much more.

Bear has taken children from being on-lead with side-walkers to being fully independent at the walk, trot, and canter. Bear is truly a rock in the storm—very little phases him while he has his “work cap” on.

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He is the most patient, kind, and understanding equine I have ever come across. Children have spoken their first words while on his back and have taken their first steps after sessions all because of the work he does for his clients. He works with our more involved kids with physical or behavioral needs and is the perfect teacher with his gentle nature.

In Bear’s “off time” he enjoys a fast paced trail ride and jumping with staff. He is still a kid at heart… (shhhh…don’t tell him he’s actually 25!) He goes nuts for bananas, banana peels and playing tag in the fields with his friends!

– K. Morrie

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