Therapy Horse of the Week: Lightning

Standing in at 12 hands, Lighting is the perfect size and has a good temperament for therapy rides at Camp Able of Buffalo Gap.

A young girl in a helmet stands beside pony Lightning
Photo courtesy of L. Weiman.

Lightning is one of our most reliable therapy horses – and has been for nearly 15 years! An 18-year-old Appaloosa Icelandic gelding, Lightning was born on the ranch where Camp Able of Buffalo Gap was founded.

At age 3, Lightning began showing his personality and calm temperament, along with an innate ability to tolerate attention by many people. His size, at 12 hands, is perfect for children. His shape, with a very flat back and round barrel mid-section, allows non-ambulatory children to lay down while riding if needed.

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Lightning is responsive to the rider on his back, no matter the challenges of that rider. He offers a slow walk, a nice trot or a brisk canter, and appears to understand better than humans what is needed. What is most special about Lightning is his soundness and reliability – he just always has a good day.

He does have one little quirk, reminding us all that no one is perfect – he is ticklish in his flank. He will give the sidewalker his best “side eye” if the inadvertent touch happens. We all know and respect that, and love Lightning for his consistent and important work with the most challenged of our special needs children.

–L. Weiman

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